Milage70 km
Power588 kW (799 PS)
Capasity3.994 cm³
OwnerNew car
ColorGrey, victory grey
InteriorAlcantara, black

1.390.000,- EUR

1.168.067 € (Netto) 19,00% MwSt.

Vehicle No 1 of 13 !!

Fair vehicle of Geneva 2018
Never admitted.

McLaren Senna XP 001

This Ultimate Series McLaren  is the first of a maximum of 13 former prototypes (XP = experimental) that were or will be rebuilt by the factory after the production run of the standard Senna models and which are built to order for selected McLaren customers.

This particular vehicle carries the serial number 1 of the XP.s. It is believed to have been the Geneva show car in 2018 when the Senna model was first shown the public.



McLaren Senner 001

It has become a tradition at McLaren to offer the XP series cars since the first McLaren road car, the legendary F1 in the 1990.s.

The vehicle on offer is new, LHD EU spec, never registered and comes with delivery mileage CoC papers ready for registration.

The McLaren Senna offers incredible unmatched performance. The German car magazine "Sport Auto" has tested the car on the Hockenheimring race track were it lapped the circuit 5.1 seconds quicker than the currently fastest Ferrari road legal car, the 488 Pista (see cover story Sport Auto, issue 1/2020).

The Senna's is performing so well because of its ultra lightweight chassis, unmatched aerodynamical downforce and its powerful 800 HP turbocharged engine. 0-60 time is better than that of the Bugatti Veyron.

The vehicle on offer is ultra-collectible because of both its incredible performance and its rarity - 1 of 13 XP cars and unique as serial No. 001 of these.



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