Classic, Retro & Co

You want to restore your classic car or serviced? We specialize in Oldtimer and classic cars restorations.

Whether full restoration, maintenance, body shop or saddlery - we have the right specialists!

We install, if possible, only original parts. Our trained employees carry out all work in a brand-specific and original way. Saddlery work is carried out with the highest precision and by hand to achieve an optimal result.

In cooperation with our partners, we have a lot of experience and fulfill your wishes down to the last detail.

Our services in detail:
- Repairs of the vehicle body and chassis
- Body shop and sheet metal working
- Repair work of suspension and brakes
- Repair work of the vehicle electrics
- Professional preparation of your classic
- Repair work of the interior
- Engine and transmission repair, overhaul
- roof repair mechanics and upholstery
- Oldtimer and time valuation report
- Storage facilities

Whether partial or full restoration, our team is in service for you!