Mileage8.628 km
Power399 kW (542 PS)
ColorSilver metallic
ConditionAccident free

130.000 EUR

Vehicle discribtion

Technical highlights
Base: 996 Cup with Welded Cage (Ex To Limit Motorsport)
Valuation over 275,000 EUR !!
Vehicle is in new condition.

Front spoiler and front bumper in carbon-kevlar (CFK) designed for 3 water coolers with exhaust duct in the hood
Integrated brake cooling channels made of carbon-Kevlar (CFRP)
Air outlet ducts on the radiator left and right lead to the optimal cooling to the outside and not to the inside
Special aerodynamics mean that both the heat generated by the brakes and the heat released by the radiators is always dissipated to the outside
Additional flaps in the lower front area ensure increased downforce
Wind deflector for better air flow of the outer water cooler
Front spoiler goes up to the steering gear; Thus, the front end is completely covered, which simultaneously leads to a better flow of air
The fenders left and right are completely made of metal handmade; As a result, the greatest possible wheel / tire combinations can be installed

The GT3 series doors have been redesigned: interior door paneling was upholstered with leather custom-made quick-release door handle GT3 Cup exterior mirrors

Side panel:
Widening of CFK for rims 12 x 18 "wheel / tire combinations inside of wheel arches revised for 12" wide wheel / tire combinations; thus also optimally suitable for slicks & rain tires
integrated inlet channel (handmade from aluminum) for air supply of the charge air cooler the cross section of the air intakes is 50% larger than the Porsche 996 Turbo or 996 GT2; The intercooler thus achieves a significantly higher efficiency

Rear section:
CFRP rear bumper is specially designed for 12 "wide wheel / tire combinations for slicks and rain tires
In the rear bumper side air outlet openings are integrated, dissipate the heat of the intercooler
Rear bumper pulled down so that double-tube sports exhaust system is visually integrated Engine compartment cover with rear spoiler: Wing profile (spoiler) "GT 3 RS" in Le Mans design Additional intake ducts made of aluminum (handmade) for supply air Engine compartment cooling. Height adjuster made of aluminum with 12-fold angle adjustment of spoiler discs
Rear window and side windows custom made Makrolon ®; green tinted with black blended edge (weight saving 18 kg)



Landing gear:
New KW sports suspension in INOX design with 14-fold adjustment of the rebound and compression and adjustable height
Adjustable stabilizers (front and rear)
changed steering gear ratio (50% direct steering in series)

Brake system:
Brembo brake system with 4-channel racing ABS
Front axle: brake disc diameter 380 mm, perforated brake calipers "GT 3 RS" with racing pads and with zinc oxide piston inserts for optimum brake pressure behavior in all temperature ranges
Rear axle: disc diameter 350 mm; Slotted brake calipers "GT 3 RS" with racing pads and with zinc oxide piston inserts for optimum brake pressure behavior in all temperature ranges

Wheel / tire combination:

3-piece aluminum rims with forged wheel stars (custom-made)
Front axle: 235/45 ZR 18- Rear axle: 315/30 ZR 18


"GT 3 Cup" gearbox with rigid suspension
Translation 9:31 with steel psychrometric rings
Reinforced pressure plate
Special race clutch
Differential lock 40/60
Gear shift lever (custom-made) with integrated shift travel shortening
Reinforced drive shafts


Base: Water cooled 996 GT 2 engine with 3.6 ltr. capacity
Power: 542 hp / 6,790 rpm
Torque: 755 Nm / 4,300 rpm
revised cylinder heads
Titanium conrods
revised exhaust gas turbocharger
revised manifolds
Exhaust system with integrated sport catalysts
Engine electronics / engine control unit modified

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