First Place - edo MC12 Corsa - BEST OF SHOW

The Vancouver Luxury & Supercar Weekend is the equivalent of the Consours D'Elegance, which takes place annually in Vancouver. ZR Auto together with edo competition Motorsport took the weekend event as the opportunity to invite befriended and valued customers from all across Canada in order to present a selection of the most beautiful sports cars. 
In order to be part of this weekend, Edo Karabegovic flew first to Calgary to meet Zahir Rana, owner of ZR Auto before flying on to Vancouver. 

As part of the Canadian welcome, Zahir Rana organized a very special dinner in a top-class restaurant on the popular and animated Stephen Avenue in Calgary. While Zahir's guests enjoyed their delicious dinner, ZR Auto had about 15 super sports cars be brought in front of the restaurant in order to present them to the public. 

Besides the incredibly impressive Ferrari ZXX and Maserati MC12 Corsa, both products of edo competition Motorsport, a Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 360, Lotus Exige S, Porsche 911, Ferrari F430 and a number of other top sports cars lined the Stephen Avenue. Hundreds of onlookers gathered to marvel at the multi-millions of dollars worth of super sports cars lined up before their disbelieving eyes. "Are these cars just mockups or are they real?" asked one man. "Does someone actually own these cars", asked another. The fact that everyone on the street had a camera in their hand demonstrated that those lucky enough to be on Stephen Avenue that night got the chance to see some of the most breath-taking automobiles ever built. 

On the following day the journey continued on to Vancouver. Some of the cars were loaded onto trucks, while the rest were driven the roughly 1,200 km from Calgary to Vancouver. 

The Luxury & Supersport Car weekend began on a beautifully sunny Saturday. Over 600 super sports cars from all over Canada had travelled to be part of the event and were presented in exclusive pavilions. Everywhere you looked, all you could see were sparkling eyes looking at gleaming sports cars. There were many cool attractions at the event, but the highlight was the award ceremony for the best cars. A 15-man jury had the extremely difficult task of deciding on a winner from such an array of top-quality luxury sports cars. But decide they did, and they announced their decisions in the various categories to an excited waiting audience: .... and first place goes to ....edo Maserati MC12 as the best car at the show. A further first place prize was awarded to the edo Enzo ZXX in the category: best modified car. 

The fact that both edo cars that took part in the competition took first place in their categories is a very special honor and is testament and tribute to the excellent work carried out over a period of one and a half years by the edo competition team. The very proud owners and Edo Karabegovic accepted the award. 

A fantastic way to finish a very special weekend before starting the journey home on Monday. 

Photos: Marcel Lech, Matthew Hayhurst GT Spirit

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