Marvelous weather, perfect conditions and all participants in top form - the weekend was just beautiful. More than ten Porsche, three Ferraris, a Maserati and an Audi "RS" and various other sports cars were ready for departure at edo competition. Some of the participants even traveled especially for this event to Germany. An amateur rally driver from Poland had brought his Mitsubishi "evolution" on the trailer. Three Russian motorsport enthusiast came by plane to Germany to participate in this event.

The tour ran from Ahlen to Bremen. At the Bremen airport Walter Röhrl was taken with a large "hello" in reception. And further on went to the Alte Werft Papenburg. During the Dinner at the hotel the 67-year-old Röhrl told about his life. Highlights here included the participation of the "Pikes Peak" - race in 1987, where he had set up in his Audi 'Sport Quattro S1 "a new record and the Rallye Monte Carlo, where Röhrl was four times on the top of the podium. With good dinner in a relaxed atmosphere and many interesting discussions there was a foretaste of tomorrow on the test track.

In the morning at 9 clock all went off. Divided into two groups, the participants were able to gain important knowledge and experience under the direction of the instrucuors. Of course, that Walter Röhrl had not a single minute breather! He drives a few rounds with each of the participants. He gave tips to braking and acceleration points, for optimum speed in curves and much more.

In short, it was a feast for the eyes and ears of highest quality for all participants. Whether slalom, racing line, drift or ultimately free driving, all participants had clearly a lot of fun at this event. At least, Walter Röhrl signed all vehicles. It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend, the weather was great and everyone was so thrilled to this event.

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