The old 840 hp 6.3-litre motor wasn't enough for Canadian driving enthusiast and owner of ZR Auto, Zahir Rana. So the motor was torn out and replaced with a brand new 6.4-litre motor to give the famed ZXX some more personality and power. 

Additionally, the suspension and handling components have been revised to give the car a better feel when driving. "When I got the car back last time, it just didn't feel right," said Rana. "I want my car to be the best, and to me it's worth it for Edo to go through my car again and make it the best Ferrari out there." 

The car has been testing for the last few weeks, and recently Rana flew out to Germany to test out his car and confirm it was exactly what he wanted. Now happy with his 900 hp and 9.800 rpm. Ferrari Enzo ZXX, the car is scheduled to return home to Canada following a press tour in Germany.

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