Impressions before departure in Luxembourg airport  

edo ZXX returns to Calgary/Canada 

For those who don't remember, this car had previously been modified by edo competition, and unfortunately ended up in the Atlantic Ocean during the 2011 Targa Newfoundland. 

Immediately after the mishap the Enzo was flown to edo competition in Germany to begin with the necessary work right away. Removing the sea water as well as all damaged parts was the first step of the rebuild. At that time the decision was made to make special aerodynamic modifications to the vehicle. The styling of the car borrows from the FXX, but incorporates many additional features. The new custom-made interior as well as the newly developed edo ZXX design wheels complete the unique, breathtaking appearance of the ZXX. 

Now, a little less than a year later, it's almost done.. Now, one and a half years later, the work was successfully completed. On Monday, the ZXX flew with the Cargolux to Calgary, where it was taken over by his owner happy in receiving.