660 PS and Top Speed more than 340 km/h!!
The edo competition GT R

A super sports car like the edo GT R is not just a delight to the eye; by offering greater performance and new top speed, it is also guaranteed to make your heart beat a little faster.
The 4.0 litre V8 biturbo model has been given an almighty power upgrade in Ahlen, North Rhine-Westphalia, making the super sportster from Affalterbach the fastest ever Mercedes GT R.

The 585 hp available in the standard series version is actually enough to accelerate to 100 km/h in less than four seconds, while the electronic governor only kicks in to prevent further acceleration at 318 km/h! However, as you’d expect, the team at edo competition Motorsport has turned the performance screw even further to increase the engine power to a whopping 660 hp. The increased boost pressure and the new engine characteristics also provide additional torque, bringing the maximum from 702 to 780 Newton metres and, together with the V max. lift, helping the edo GT R to reach its maximum speed at well over 340 km/h. Welcome to a thrilling new world of speed!

The team in Ahlen have also lowered the chassis of the GT R by 25 mm to the front and 20 mm to the rear.
This means that the vehicle’s already sporty handling is matched by unbeatable visual impact. As the vehicle hugs the road surface, the driver experiences an exhilarating mix of dynamism, racetrack response and comfort. This is the ultimate example of how modifications can complement each other to produce perfect results.

All this, plus a super throaty race car sound. When the driver opens the exhaust flaps with a specially developed controller, all hell breaks loose at the rear. If you want to use the controls in a targeted way according to your own personal preferences, you can even do so while the vehicle is stationary, or whenever it makes sense.

Achieving maximum performance through enormous expertise
The edo GT R has everything a super sports car needs. The vehicle’s hulking good looks are a perfect fit for its infernal sound, hellish speed and impressive handling – all adding up to maximum performance in a street-worthy race car!