Ferrari 458 Italia Spider engine bonnet 
The cover or engine bonnet for the 458 Italia Spider made from Carbon. The cover is made from 100% carbon. All parts are manufactured in an autoclave to ensure maximum strength. Unlike the original hood, the form was slightly modified. In addition, the hood has more vents and has a glass insert. This gives the rear of the 458 a very different appearance than with the standard cover. 

Ferrari 458 Italia engine bonnet carbon fiber including painting in car color and mounting: 9.400,- Euro net plus 19% VAT. 
In addition, a cross beam for the lock is also included in the shipment. The glass pane, a sealing strip and the necessary glue are also part of the delivery. The lettering that can be seen in the photos are not included in the delivery. The original lettering must be used. 

Please note that in vehicles with a satellite antenna (American models), a different rear window pane is needed. This pane has an additional hole in the area where the antenna is located. It is therefore important that this information is forwarded to us when ordering, so that we can deliver the right pane.

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