For over 15 years the company edo competition has been the first choice when it came to the processing of exclusive luxury cars and powerful super sports cars. Optimization, which underlines the sporty character of the vehicle, as well as measuring for performance enhancement and refinement of the interior accessories are placed in the foreground.

The already extremely sporty Porsche 991 GT3 RS gets his final touches with the latest edo competition Carbon Sport package. The Carbon Sport Package is optionally available in "glossy" or "matt".

Elements of the edo competition Carbon Sport package:

Air outlet front fender
Air intake rear side panel
Raiser rear wing
Mirror covers
Cover triangular window

Rear cover air intake
Steering wheel

Seat belt slots

Even more impressive, and even more sporty is the appearance which edo competition gives  the Porsche 991 GT3 RS. 

Another new development, the ultralight forged wheels with center lock
The wheel set with only 22 kg (44lb) on frontaxle and 29 kg (58lb) on rear axle is absolutly a lightweight
Tire sizes 9,0x20 ET45 with 265/35 20 Michelin Pilot SportCup2 and 12,5x21 ET51 with 325/30 21 Michelin Pilot SportCup2. The wheel color can be selected individually by the customer.

The result is remarkable and is absolutely worth seeing, as impressive proof of the high-end manufacture.