The solution for a great exhaust sound for diesel models.

What is a sound booster?
Soundbooster is an electronics module with software. This module amplifies the sound of the engine sound, incorporates additional features and makes the system compatible with other vehicles.
The greatest value is placed on perfect integration into the vehicle environment. No complicated laying of cables in the vehicle. 
The control of the system is carried out exclusively via existing buttons and switches on and around the steering wheel!

The control unit for engine sound evaluates various data from the CAN bus of the vehicle like e.g. speed, load, engaged gear etc. This data is evaluated by the control unit and allows specific frequencies to be passed on to the loudspeakers. This ensures a sporty and powerful exhaust sound.

The sound is generated depending on the vehicle via 1 to 2 loudspeakers (actuators). These loudspeakers are permanently integrated in a stainless steel housing and are usually attached to the rear muffler. Thus, the sound, together with the exhaust gases, is discharged from a pipe to the rear.

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- Up to 5 different profiles individually adjustable in volume, standby gas, sound and engine start-up
- Control the app a way you want to manage the profiles, such as ECO, START, COMFORT, etc.
- Volume while driving: This function allows you to change the volume during driving.

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