Regular maintenance of your vehicle is the prerequisite for reliability, long life and a stable value. Our maintenance is based on manufacturer's guidelines.

Porsche restoration, car body work, accident repairs, paintwork. Preparation of valuables and accident reports. Porsche spare parts.
A professional repair is for us self-evident. Quality and customer satisfaction are always the first priority. We will be pleased to advise you and make a quotation.

Interior design
Let yourself be impressed by the possibilities of interior design - which can be produced on customer request

Braking service
Not only the safety - even the performance is a question of the brakes! If you want to upgrade your vehicle and ensure more sportiness and safety, you should not compromise the brakes. Let us take a look at your brakes! We offer you all the services related to the brakes service and advise you in detail about all possibilities to bring your vehicle to the perfect braking performance.

Adjustable edo/KW sport suspension set. Individually adjustable compression and rebound damping. Height-adjustable with TÜV-approved adjustment range. Continuously variable rebound damping, 14-way adjustable compression damping.

Wheel alignment
More comfort, safety and protection against unnecessary and expensive wear: There are many good reasons to have a regular look at your axle and adjust the track, camber, caster and wheel load. Already a minority damage can affect the axle geometry and have annoying consequences

Exhaust systems
A sporty exhaust system has not only aesthetic reasons or a sound sound. Rather, significant increases in performance are to be expected. We are experienced in the fitting of matching exhaust systems, which perfectly round off your vehicle visually, acoustically and in performance.

Whether it is coilover systems, hydraulic lift systems, racing or sports suspension systems: With the EDO / KW systems, we are installing high-end products. Comfort, damping behavior and sportiness are unmatched in the chassis and offer a solution for every type of vehicle and application. We are happy to advise you.

Rims give the vehicle an individual sporty or elegant accent. However, they should also be selected for performance, road conditions and safety. We carry the whole range of well-known manufacturers and advise you gladly.